Tuinroete (Garden Route)
Wyn (Wine) Boutique

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The Tuinroete Wyn Boutique opened on13 November 2008 and was stocked with 301 different wines and with an assortment of ten different brandy’s and whisky’s. Since then, a wide variety of beer, gin, whisky, brandy and other beverages have been added.

Today the shop offers
- About 550 different wines, sherry, muscadel, jerepigo, etc.
- More than 20 different beers, including alcohol-free beers
- 24 Different kinds of brandy
- 39 Different kinds of whiskey
- And much, much more!

Our margins are thin, but our product range is broad.
Cheers, Gesondheid, Prost, Cin Cin, Salud, Skal....and more...

Wine tasting, Jakkalsvlei, other cellars and suppliers

Wine Tasting

The Wyn Boutique has regular (free) wine and other liquor tasting.

Our resident staff and, on occasions, staff from selected suppliers, are available to provide information on the specific products.

More information is regularly communicated through our Facebook page.

Feel free to contact us on email or call, also WhatsApp, 063 758 4087

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