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Convenience store with ATM and braai wood

Aloe Motors, Restaurant, Take aways, food

Our shop is open 24/7/365 and is well stocked for the needs of most travellers. We stock a variety of cheese from local dairies, such as Jireh and Kasselhoop. Kasselhoop currently sells at R75 per kg !!

Aloe Motors, Albertinia, Milkshake

Application of FIFO - "First In - FirstOut" principles ensures that our stock is always fresh and our inspection - on delivery - procedures ensures that only quality goods are received.

Aloe Motors, Albertinia, FNB ATM


After the closure of the FNB branch in town, we installed an ATM, outside the shop for the convenience of townsfolk as well as travellers

Aloe Motors, Albertinia, FNB ATM

FNB Mini Terminal

We still maintain our Mini-ATM inside the shop for those patrons who require simple cash withdrawals

Aloe Motors, Albertinia, Capitec ATM

Capitec ATM

Our clients requested an alternative ATM. We heard their requests and we now have a Capitec ATM in the shop.