Ale Restaurant in Albertinia at Aloe Motors
 Aloe Restaurant

The restaurant provides locals, as well as travelers on the N2, with great quality food and beverages. Whether you want a "Grab & Go", or have the time to relax in the dining area, you will receive great food & service from Eileen and her team.

Daily specials and Sunday meals are also very popular with locals and clients from neighbouring towns.

For more information, or to place your order(s), contact Eileen on 028 735 1123 or WhatsApp 072 999 6409

Specials from Eileen's Kitchen

Meal at restaurant at aloe motors in albertinia
Daily Meals

Daily meals, other than regular pastries, including homemade pies, are available, See our chalk boards for availability.

Sunday meal at restaurant at aloe motors in albertinia
Sunday Meals

Every Sunday meals are available for sit-down or take-away. Please book in time for sit-down as space is limited - 028 735 1123.

Snack platter at restaurant at aloe motors in albertinia

Platters, Cakes and other custom items are available on request. Allow sufficient time when placing orders on 028 735 1123.

Staff showing special of the day
"Advertising Manager"

Toss is an integral part of the kitchen staff and also responsible for advertising daily specials. Here she is updating the chalk boards at the entrance to the shop. These specials are changed daily, so view the boards for the daily meals. The meals are so popular that we do not always advertise on social media, but view us on Facebook to keep up to date with our activities.

In fond memory...

Neels who provided recipe for liver cake, lewer koek,

Neels Theron suggested that we make our own liver cakes rather than buying these from another take-away in town. He then supplied a recipe, which has remained unchanged for about 15 years ! 

Neels unfortunately passed away in August of 2013, but his liver cakes, of which we prepare about 160kg of liver a month, are a constant reminder of him.

Shortly after his passing, Boy & Karien van Rensburg, the owners of Aloe Motors, added the menu item "Neels Breakfast", in memory of this jovial character.

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