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Latest news and photo's of Aloe Motors in Albertinia 

Reastaurant kitchen

Major Revamp

During March 2019 we embarked on a major revamp of the kitchen and Roosterkoek Hoek, using ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards as a basis for the revamp. The kitchen was closed for three days, during which we moved equipment, replaced equipment and sanitised the kitchen and storage facilities. See some photo's below.

A new dedicated area for the production of home-made pies was also created. Procedures and work instructions have been developed and the process will be on-going until we are satisfied that the project can move into the next phase - of improving what now exists. Hat's off to all the staff who committed unconditionally to these improvements and worked hard to ensure effective implementation.


Saturday Events

Every Saturday, weather permitting, we have a number of stalls on the premises. These include pancakes, craft stalls and DJ music to get the energy back into your toes after a long drive.

We welcome entrpreneurs from the district to participate in these activities and supply stall space - and electricity - at no cost, as part of our social commitment.For those interested to participate, please use the contact details or form to get in touch with us to secure your spot.