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At Engen - Aloe Motors we offer the traveller on the N2 a 
"One-Stop Experience"
Whether you are a regular visitor, or a once-off tourist, our  "Commitment to Quality" (C2Q) principles should ensure that you have a pleasant experience when visiting our premises.
Our mission is to provide you with time-efficient fuel and lubricant services for your vehicle, clean restroom facilities, quality food and other basic shopping options.
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Please let us know if our C2Q system worked for YOU

What we offer....

Wine boutique at aloe motors albertinia
Wine Boutique

Very well stocked with an assortment of alcoholic beverages 

Fat food, homemade pies at aloe motors albertinia
Take-Away Meals

Includes homemade pies, liver cakes and more

restaurant for meals on N2 at aloe motors Albertinia

Small and cosy with excellent meals. Specials available every day.

Shop at aloe motors albertinia
Convenience Shop

Well stocked to cater for most of the travellers needs

Roosterkoek, griddle bread, at aloe motors, albertinia
Roosterkoek Hoek

The Roosterkoek Hoek's loyal team is always at your service

Aloe Deli, biltong shop at aloe motors albertinia
Aloe Deli

For deli items, including fresh meats, biltong, droëwors and nuts

Truck stop at aloe motors albertinia
Truck Stop

Our truck stop area has increased considerably and other amenities are in planning stage for drivers

Truck Stop Facilities

Trucks parked at truck stop at aloe motors in abertinia

We have space for approximately 85 overnighting trucks and have regulars resting during the day.

restroom at truck stop at aloe motors in albertinia
Rest Room

Our rest room is designed for the trucker to enjoy a meal and watch a bit of relaxing TV

Shower and ablution facilities at truck stop at aloe motors in albertinia

State of the art showers are available with separate facilities for ladies.

Toilet facilities at truck stop at aloe motors in albertinia

Our toilets are not cramped and there are separate facilities for ladies.

More for you ....
View of new toilet facilities at aloe motors in albertinia
State of the art toilet facilities including "wheel chair friendly"
ATM at aloe motors in albertinia
Food trailer at aloe motors in albertinia
Pancakes, Jaffles and Music on Saturdays and holidays

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