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     In Focus - October 2023
Van Staden's Crafts & Stationery

This family business started many years ago as an informal craft creation - and sales - business. Mostly wooden crafts were made and then sold at craft markets in neighbouring towns, as far afield as George and Sedgefield.

In 2004 a decision was made to obtain a permanent outlet and the shop opened on the premises of Aloe Motors.
From these humble beginnings, the shop developed into the local shop of choice for stationery, craft products, photocopies, laminates and even some essential baking products. Further developments have taken place in the past two years with the introduction of 3D printers and laser cutting machines.

For more information contact 028 735 2952 or WhatsApp 082 703 6550

Wimpie & Hettie Janse van Rensburg, Aloe Deli, Biltong, Aloe Motors, Albertinia

Owners: Wimpie & Hettie Janse van Rensburg

In Focus - September 2023  

           ALOE DELI 

In 2004, Wimpie and Hettie opened the Aloe Deli in an attempt to expand their existing business in town and make it more accessible - closer to the N2 - to their clients from neighbouring towns.

This "branch" of the business has grown very well, thanks to dedicated staff and loyal customers.

In 2021 a new restroom facility was built on the premises and two shops were included. The Deli then moved into one of the new shops and, in July 2022 a second Deli was opened when the other shop became available.

"Deli 1" - the original shop, focusses on red meat, including biltong, droëwors, the famous Albertinia boerewors and a number of other red meat cuts.

"Deli 2" stocks an array of wonderful products, including dried fruit, nuts, health products, gift packs, biscuits, preserves, an assortment of candies and much more.

The Aloe Deli will celebrate 20 years of trading on the premises of Aloe motors in 2024. What an achievement !

Biltong in Albertinia at Aloe Deli

We are extremely proud and, in a traditional Afrikaans saying, we are "windgat" about our accolades from clients and especially this one from Getaway Magazine.

To be rated as the 4th best on South African roads, competing with the many biltong shops on routes, makes us extremely proud and confident that we provide our clients with quality products.

Next time you travel along the Garden Route, pop in and try our huge variety of products.

Ale Restaurant in Albertinia at Aloe Motors
Business in Focus

 ...August 2023...
 Aloe Restaurant

The restaurant provides locals, as well as travelers on the N2, with great quality food and beverages. Whether you want a "Grab & Go", or have the time to relax in the dining area, you will receive great food & service from Eileen and her team.

Daily specials and Sunday meals are also very popular with locals and clients from neighbouring towns.

The owner of Aloe Restaurant, Eileen Behrens, answered our questions.......

  • How long have you owned Aloe Restaurant? On 1 September 2023 it will be three years.
  • How long have you been involved in the food business? I qualified as a Block Man, also known as a "Meat cutting Technician" shortly after leaving school about 45 years ago. Since then I owned a steak house, a coffee shop and provided catering services. 
  • Where does the passion for food come from? My father never bought meat from a butcher or retail outlet, but preferred to buy direct from farmers. I helped with the preparation of the meat from a young age and we also made our own sausage (boerewors). In these early days I developed a love for food preparation, which is still with me today. 
  • What are the highlights of the past few years? We have expanded our homemade pies to include venison, both small - and family - sizes. Our homemade burger patties continue to be popular, as well as freshly baked cakes and platters. All of these have grown in popularity over the past few years.
  • How many staff do you employ? Including me, we are twelve permanent staff. Some staff have moved with me from previous businesses and I have have known them for many years. Rachel (a.k.a. Tossie) has been involved at Aloe Motors restaurant for over thirty tears. Our success is directly related to our dedicated staff - See photo above.
  • What is your "signature" product? This is a difficult question as we consider our homemade pies, daily special meals and Sunday meals to be the main draw card. We also have Liver Cakes and these are uniquely offered as a single "cake" or as a breakfast, named after a client Neels, who provided the recipe many years ago. See below. No alterations have ever been made to the recipe. We will, in honour of Neels, have a "Liver Burger" for the month of August 2023.
  • What are your business hours? We are open every day from 07h00 till 19h00. 
  • How can you be contacted? Our landline is 028 735 1123 and WhatsApp is 072 999 6409.
  • What are you prepared to offer clients as a special for the month of August 2023? We would like to honour the memory of Neels, who passed on about ten years ago, and provide the Liver Cakes, in various forms, as a special for the month of August. See more on Facebook or below.

In fond memory...

Neels who provided recipe for liver cake, lewer koek,

Neels Theron suggested that we make our own liver cakes rather than buying these from another take-away in town. He then supplied a recipe, which has remained unchanged for about 15 years ! 

Neels unfortunately passed away in August of 2013, but his liver cakes, of which we prepare about 160kg of liver a month, are a constant reminder of him.

Shortly after his passing, Boy & Karien van Rensburg, the owners of Aloe Motors, added the menu item "Neels Breakfast", in memory of this jovial character.

During the month of August 2023 we will have liver cakes in focus to honour Neels.

Ale Restaurant special at Albertinia by Aloe Motors
Ouma Sarie, Moses Williams at Aloe Motors, Albertinia

Moses Williams, popular actor and comedian, AKA "Ouma Sarie" at Aloe Motors

Fathers day, competiion, aloe motors, albertinia
aloe motors, competition, fathers day, albertinia
Aloe Motors Albertinia
A "Barrel of Fun"

Fred Orban, the presenter of "Kus tot Kruin" on SFM and founder of the Oyster Catcher trail, popped in for some shopping.

We trust that his new barrel will provide great enjoyment.

Classics on their way to George 

"Old Car Show"
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Toilet Facilities

Harley Davidson Club Visited Us 
5 June 2021


New Restrooms

New restrooms, including a baby changing area and "wheel-chair" friendly facilities are currently being constructed. The original buildings were demolished and new building commenced at the end of June. These premises will also house two shops, with the one focussed on promoting local products.


Temporary ATM

The permanent FNB ATM was previously housed in the building which has been demolished. It will later be located in the new building while a temporary unit was installed for the covenence of our clients. We positioned it for maximum exposure and security and added a "disabled" parking bay.

Truck Stop

Truck Stop

The extent of the existing Truck Stop area has more than doubled. A 300mm layer of grit was spread and compacted to ensure a more solid surface. This, more spacious arrangement, has improved the movement of trucks inside the area and more facilities for drivers are planned. Watch this space !!

Lockdown birthday

Essential staff, during first day of lock-down on 27 March 2020, with Shawn on his 21st birthday.

Baie geluk met jou spesiale verjaarsdag Shawn.


Real Estate Agent

Ulanda Mathee recently opened a Chas Everitt agency on the premises. She is ready to assist with your property requirements.


Down Town Nursery

These entrepreneurs have a permanent plant presence at Aloe Motors and a developing nursery in town. Hendrik, Michael and Johannes are pictured here with Boy van Rensburg, the owner of Aloe Motors.

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